Building Your Game Group: Dealing With “Those” People

In this installment of of the building a boardgame group series I want to talk about dealing with the people who can cause some issues in the group. This topic came up because I am dealing with some of those people in my own group and I want to keep them coming without driving myself a bit crazy.

Before reading the rest of this article you should ask yourself if your group is open for all or if you are planning on keeping it small and on more of an invite only type basis. If you want it to be a group of friends that all get along and is consistently the same people, then this article probably isn’t for you, but if you are opening your group up to the public you might want to keep reading.

Below I will describe and provide some advice for dealing with some of the people who could possibly add some stress to what should be an otherwise fun time.

The Late Arrival

When your group is small and time is limited the person who comes late, it can be pretty frustrating. The simple solution is to begin the night with some filler games to pass the time until the “Late arrival” comes. Then when they do come you can bring out the longer games (if that’s your style).

The Sore Winner/Loser

We all know this person; the person who complains that they weren’t told a rule when they lose or brags when they win. This person can seriously grate on your nerves, but one of the easiest ways to deal with this person is to remind people of the rules throughout the game (when you are teaching it) and to not engage them when they are bragging. Let them brag, but don’t empower that brag.

The Never Cleaner

This person loves to play games, but always, conveniently, has an excuse to not help clean up the game. Whether their excuse is that they need to leave or they take time to examine the rules (obviously for clarity sake, not because they are shirking responsibility or anything). This person drives me crazy! To be honest, I think the only way to get this person to help is to specifically ask them to help.  Maybe it needs to be on the sly, but asking them to hand you specific pieces while you hold the baggie open, or maybe you just flat out say, “Hey, could you help clean up please?” Either way, getting them to help will probably start with an ask.

What Other Types of People Does Your Group Have?

I’d love to hear what other “types” of people does your group have and what you do to help ease the issues that they bring to your group. My group is young and small so as of now we don’t have too many people causing any issues. Feel free to post about your group here or on the BGG guild.

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