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Ready To Role

In this series of articles, Steve Mackenzie takes role-players new and old on an adventure through the pages of his roleplaying experiences. Taking a regular look at key topics such as character creation, learning new systems and generally being more creative role players.

RPGs: 5,000 Shades of Grey

The notion of good versus evil is a very common dichotomy. It runs through just about every corner of society, shaping our …

RPGs: The ‘K’ Word

In this article, Steve considers the positive effect of Kickstarter on authors, designers and their crowd-funded RPGs.

RPGs: Reflections on Essen

“All gamers are born equal but some are more equal than others.” So I was yet another newbie attending this year’s Essen. …

RPGs: Bored with boards?

In this week’s RPG article, Steve takes a look at the distinctive differences between roleplaying games and board games, focusing on five …

RPGs: That Player Got Game

“Don’t hate the player.” Then again, it isn’t always the game’s fault either. This second article contains my observations of the certain …

RPGs: Origins

In this introductory episode of a new series on roleplaying, Steve Mackenzie takes you back to his origins as a role-player, and guides you …

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