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Rhiannon Ochs

Rhiannon is just a girl, sitting at a table, asking people to play games with her. She writes about games on The Ox Pen and vlogs about games as half of Spooning Meeples.

Spilling about the Spiel

If the twitter is to believed, the Spiel in Essen is in full swing. So much gaming goodness in one location. I …


Winner, Winner.

This week’s podcast, Playing to Win, is all about playing games and, well, winning. Mostly. I learned from my last post and …

Gen Con 2014 logo

The Professional Con Artist Report

[youtube=] OK. I’ve officially been home for a week almost two weeks now, and I’d like to point out that Gen Con is …

Gen Con 2014 logo

Gen Con Day 1 – Driving

If I have mastered the automatic posting feature of WordPress, this post should be coming to you while I am on the …

Preview: Fidelitas

Note: This post originally appeared over on my blog, The Ox Pen. It’s exactly what you see below. About a month ago, …

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