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Voice From A Broad

Spilling about the Spiel

If the twitter is to believed, the Spiel in Essen is in full swing. So much gaming goodness in one location. I …


Winner, Winner.

This week’s podcast, Playing to Win, is all about playing games and, well, winning. Mostly. I learned from my last post and …

Gen Con 2014 logo

The Professional Con Artist Report

[youtube=] OK. I’ve officially been home for a week almost two weeks now, and I’d like to point out that Gen Con is …

Gen Con 2014 logo

Gen Con Day 1 – Driving

If I have mastered the automatic posting feature of WordPress, this post should be coming to you while I am on the …

Preview: Fidelitas

Note: This post originally appeared over on my blog, The Ox Pen. It’s exactly what you see below. About a month ago, …

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