Episode 11 – Classic Games

In Episode 11 Robin, Rhiannon and Nate are joined by guests Paul Grogan (@GamingRulesVids) and Efka Bladukas (@NoPunIncluded).

In a recent BoardGameHour, it was suggested that Castles of Burgundy was a “classic” game. This was questioned on Twitter, and a couple of discussions around what classifies a game as “classic” arose. And so, we decided to take a look at classic games, and see if we could agree on  a classic game. Or even on come to a consensus for the definition of the term “classic”.

We also play a new game, “Play, Own, or Burn.” which encourages some tough decisions to be made by the crew.

Opinions expressed on this podcast are those of the individual and are not necessarily shared or condoned by the other cast members.