Episode 25: Essential Essen Extravaganza

Our 25th episode is an extended episode, in which we take a look at some of the games coming out at Essen Spielmesse 2015, which runs from October 8th – October 11th 2015 in the town of Essen, Germany.

In this episode, Robin and Paul are joined by guest Bill Corey Jr. And they discuss their top 3 most anticipated games, one hidden gem, and one “over hyped” game (that can both be good and bad!).

Additionally some previous contributors and guests pop by to give us a rundown of which of the new release games have them excited.

A massive thanks to everyone who contributed to this bumper episode.

Host: Robin Lees

Panelists: Paul Grogan (Gaming Rules!), Bill Corey Jr. (The Cubist)

Special Appearance: Barry Doublet (Board Games Everybody Should…), Barry Reynolds (A Gateway Gamer Runs Through), Ben Maddox (Perfect Information), Edward Uhler (Heavy Cardboard), Efka Bladukas (No Pun Included), Marty Connell (Rolling Dice And Taking Names), Nate Brett (Board Game Hour), Rich Mulholland (Missing Link), Ricky Wilkins (Box Of Delights), Ryan LaFlamme (Cardboard Republic)

Opinions expressed on this podcast are those of the individual and are not necessarily shared or condoned by the other cast members.