Episode 7: Purchasing Games

In this bumper length episode, Nate, Amy, Geraint, Rhyannon, Ben, Jacob, and Robin talk about their board gaming purchases.
What influences which games they buy? Where to they buy games from? What have they bought recently? What are the next games they have their eyes on?

The Bad news is that, as this is a double length episode, there unfortunately isn’t room for a Good, Bad, Ugly.

The Good news is that it will be back next episode.

The Ugly news is that we were kindly sent a preview copy of a game coming to Kickstarter soon, called Knee Jerk, by Knapsack Games. Although we recorded the crew of this episode playing the game for the podcast, it has not been included in the final edit of the episode as  the content very quickly became very explicit. However the audio files do still exist….

Look for the game of Knee Jerk in an upcoming review on this website, and on Kickstarter soon.

Opinions expressed on this podcast are those of the individual and are not necessarily shared or condoned by the other cast members.