Episode 9 – Essen Spiel 2014 Part 1: Great Expectations

In this the first of three planned Essen related podcasts, Robin, Nate, Amy, Ignacy, Jacob, and Ben get all geared up ahead of Essen Spielmesse 2014, which runs from Thursday October 16th – Sunday 19th 2014 in Essen, Germany.

Talking about their expectations for the event, what games they are looking forward to, and what other distractions they hope to get up to.

As always there is a thematically linked Good, Bad, and Ugly.

The second part of this series will (hopefully) be recorded LIVE at Essen. The third and final part will be recorded after Essen, and will be our reflection of the event.

Opinions expressed on this podcast are those of the individual and are not necessarily shared or condoned by the other cast members.


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