Gen Con Day 1 – Driving

My Tentative Route
My Tentative Route

If I have mastered the automatic posting feature of WordPress, this post should be coming to you while I am on the road. Today, I am driving from Emmaus, PA to Indianapolis, IN.

There are a lot more road construction signs than I’d like to see on this map, but I will stay hopeful.

I suppose I could have considered yesterday my Gen Con Day 1 as I was driving to PA from NH to drop my children off at my mother-in-law’s house. I’m sure it was not a fun six hour drive, and I’m sure I was praying for the day to end by the time I arrived. If the 11th of August went as planned, I am driving to Gen Con with meat sticks from my favorite store in Pennsylvania, Dietrich’s. If you like smoked meats, cheeses, and other Pennsylvania Dutch delicacies and are in the area, I highly recommend this place. I’m hopefully enjoying Sweet Stix, which are my absolute favorite thing to buy from here. It’s normal to start a road trip by purchasing five pounds of meat, right? I thought so.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 12.13.18 PM
The only place you need to shop in Lehigh Valley PA.

I hope all you vegetarians out there appreciate the fact that I didn’t post a picture of processed meat in this post. I’m not saying there won’t be a picture on twitter at some point today, but I figured I’d do you all a favor and saving you from the butchered deliciousness.

What am I doing other than eating smoked meat today? Here’s my tentative driving itinerary. It won’t be very exciting as it’s a 624 mile drive from Point A (PA) to Point B (IN). Almost 10 hours it says, I won’t tempt the road trip gods by saying I can do better than that, so we’ll stick with the Google’s estimate.

Tentative Driving Itinerary 

5:00 am – Wake up. Wonder why I am leaving so early in the morning. Get ready. Wave goodbye to my children. (It’s five in the morning – they won’t be up yet. I’m not that heartless. Let sleeping dogs lie.) Leave.

5:30 am – Take the first sip of an Iced Venti Hazelnut Macchiato. Decide maybe leaving this early isn’t so bad after all.

Drive for six hours. (I figure if I can get from NH to PA, which is six hours, on one tank of gas, I should be able to go for the same amount of time/distance without needing to stop for gas.)

11:30 pm – Fill up the gas tank. Empty human tank. Possibly grab something other than Sweet Stix to have for lunch.

At this point, if the Google is to be believed, I have four more hours of driving to do.

12:00 – Hit the road, Jack.

4:00 pm – Arrive at Gen Con. Park at hotel. Lug my suitcase up however many flights of stairs it takes to to get to my room (I don’t use elevators. I’m like Cary Grant that way). Meet roommates. Unpack.

5:00 pm – This where the schedule falls apart/opens up. Maybe I’m out at dinner, walking around, seeing the sights. Maybe I’m passed out from driving exhaustion. Who knows?

Tentative Playlist

Is all I plan on doing eating smoked meats and dreaming of all the fun I plan on having at Gen Con? Of course not. A couple of weeks ago, I asked people for their suggestions on things to listen to while driving. And, because I’m bad at the twitter, I have forgotten and am asking you all now (then? last week? time paradoxes are fun). Here’s what I might be listening to in no particular order:

The Ricky Gervais Guide To…series.

I have listened to these before, and they’re all hilarious. If nothing else, Ricky’s laugh will serve as random alarms to make sure I’m not dozing.















Some of these I’ve listened to before. Some of them are brand new to me. Some were recommended. Some were chosen based on their fondness for dance offs as the answer to world problems. You get the idea.











The Bill Bryson books and Ready Player One were recommended to me. The rest I found while dabbling on That was a mistake. SO many books I want to listen to solely because of the person they have reading them. Sigh.


















Tentative Tunes

Some of this list comes from others. Some of it comes from the iPod I found rummaging through a box.