Sorry folks (we got hacked again)!

Just a quick note to anyone who tried to access the podcast files, or visit the website over the past week.

Sadly the website was hacked again this past week, whilst I was on vacation without proper web access (hence the delay in getting the site up and running again).

Thanks to the quick reactions of our hosting company, the website was taken down, which is why you may have seen a holding page).

Last time this happened, I learnt a lot, and was able to get the website up and running after a full weekend of nervous panic, without the loss of data. This time, knowing what I needed to do, I’ve been able to get the website up and running within about 4 hours. Lessons learnt kids, back up your files!

If you happen to spot anything which isn’t working as you think it should, please either leave a comment, send an email, or contact us via our BGG guild (link on the right).

Thank you for your continued support and interest in our website. We encourage you to stick with us, and interact with us on the guild.

– Robin