Special 1: Ameritrash vs Euro

In this special debate episode Rhiannon Ochs and Corey Young (Gravwell) debate the terminology of board game classifications; Ameritrash, and Euros.

Following feedback that we received on twitter from Episode 5 (Gamer Evolution)  about the general direction and attitude to various game terminology and opinions of podcast members, we invited Corey Young (designer of Gravwell) onto the podcast to debate the terminology that we use to classify our games. Corey’s issue is that the term Ameritrash doesn’t serve the purpose to which it has been attached. Defending the term is Whose Turn’s Euro loving, throat punching, Rhiannon Ochs.

The gloves are off!

Apologies are made for some of the sound quality issues in this episode.

Opinions expressed on this podcast are those of the individual and are not necessarily shared or condoned by the other cast members.

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