Submission Guidelines

If you would like to submit a copy of a board game, card game, or role-playing game, for us to review, please contact us through the email address provided below.

In your email, please briefly tell us about the game and include a copy of the press release and a link to your website.

Please do not send your game without prior agreement. We cannot guarantee a written review, and we cannot guarantee that the game will be mentioned on social media websites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or other board game related websites such as without this agreement.

Please note that we do not currently directly advertise games on the podcast, although the names of some games may be mentioned in passing as and when it pertains to the topic of conversation.

Print and play games should only be submitted upon prior agreement. Files must be submitted in .pdf format. They must be “manageable”, and “printer-ink friendly”, and print correctly on A4 paper with clear assembly instructions.

If requested we can provide you with feedback of our opinion of the game.

Please note that packages take a while to arrive, and we also need time to play the game before reviewing it. Therefore it is important that you contact us well in advance if a review is required by a certain date.

Unless it is otherwise agreed in advance, the sender of the game is responsible for all shipping and handling costs (including any incurred import fees).

When submitting a game to us, this is your accept that once received, it is ours to do with as we see fit, regardless of whether media content is produced for the game or not. Forwarding the game to other media creators can be arranged upon prior agreement.

If you are still interested in submitting your game to us, please contact us via email on:

info [at] whose turn is it anyway [dot] com

Please remove the spaces and replace the words in brackets with the appropriate symbols.

Thank you.