Welcome to 2015

Welcome to 2015.

The end of the year, and the birth of a new year, is a time for reflection and change for many people. For Whose Turn Is It Anyway, 2014 was an important year. It was the year of conception, and a year of learning, development, change, and growth.

The podcast was spawned from the seed that Iraklis planted in my mind about doing video reviews for board games. I am a strong believer in doing something well, but also trying to bring something new to an already over saturated field. Initially it was conceived as a “British” board game discussion and improvisation podcast. I wanted the podcast to feel like a magazine game show, a cross between banter and light entertainment quiz show. It was supposed to be under thirty minutes long, and have a rotating cast, to keep each episode fresh, whilst behind the scenes allowing contributors to not have to commit to recording more than one show every few weeks or so.

Before the first episode aired, the idea evolved into what listeners received as the first ten or so episodes. We were also picked up before the airing of the first episode as the first podcast in the then unheard of Cardboard Studios.

As the editor of the podcast, I very quickly realized that there were certain limitations to the various methods we were using to record the show, the length, and the revolving cast, and all the time I was battling a dying computer, and the show was trying to find it’s footing and establish a listener base.

To every single contributor to the podcast in 2014, a heartfelt and huge “THANK YOU”. The podcast would not be where it is today without your help and contribution.
Secondly, an equally huge “THANK YOU” to every single listener for lending us your ear for the 45 or so minutes of rambling, and mess (and often poor sound quality) of these few early episodes. We’ve had a blast, and we hope you have enjoyed them.

Recently I made a few adjustments behind the scenes to the format and method of recording the podcast (reducing the number of contributors per episode, and utilizing video has been a godsend). Hopefully you the listener have noticed the difference in the quality of the last few episodes of 2014. I hope this new format will continue into 2015 on our regular schedule (we took an unscheduled break over the holiday period, and hope to resume normal fortnightly episodes soon).

Shortly after launching the podcast in June of 2014 (it had been in planning since April), I decided I wanted to have a website that ran alongside the podcast, where a number of the podcast crew could contribute articles and reviews. Regular articles from Rhiannon, Jacob, and Steve, as well as a few guest articles, and the far too sporadic reviews and previews from myself were the backbone of this idea. The articles that we have put out there to date, have in my opinion been both very informative, fun, and thought provoking. Again a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the website.

I hope the website and articles will continue to flourish in 2015, with the continuing articles from regular contributors as well as a few new regular and guest contributions. Early in the new year, we will be running a series of articles about game design, with guest contributions from some of 2014’s up and coming designers. If you have any ideas about topics, or people, who you would like to hear from, please let us know in the comments below.

I hope that 2015 will bring about some other new ideas, as well as establishing Whose Turn Is It Anyway as a website and podcast worthy of your time.

Thank you for listening to the podcast. Thank you for reading the website.
I wish you a prosperous 2015.

Play on!


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