Welcome to the Cull

This word and practice of culling confounds many, but at some point it happens to most. Culling your collection is sometimes a necessary evil, due to lack of space, money, etc, but what exactly is a cull, how does one decide which games to keep and which ones to get rid of. Over the next couple posts in this series, I plan to help explain those exact questions along with explaining how I am attempting to cull my own collection.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, culling means to select from a group. It’s not always, culling the worst from a group, it could be culling the best from said group as well. So if you are a pessimist, you are culling the worst games from your collection. If you are an optimist you are culling the best games you own to stay in your collection.

I tend to be a bit more pessimistic than optimist so as I begin culling games in my collection, I am looking at removing the worst games that I own. Where and how those games leave my collection will be determined by the perceived value of said game by other people, but one way or another, they will leave the collection.

My Culling Process

Before I went to Essen this year, I knew I needed to get my collection under control. I had too many games unplayed and yet, I kept buying games. This had to stop, so I devised a plan. My plan is to play every game/expansion that I own two times. Once they have been played twice I then decide to keep, sell, trade, give away, or play it a couple more times to make sure I make the right decision. As of writing this post I have only played 7 games twice and none of them are leaving my collection, but eventually I know I will find some to make their way to someone else. If you want to follow along in my culling process, where I attempt to get my collection down to a decent size (whatever that may be), head to the geeklist and feel free to comment.

Not everyone will cull the way that I am culling and in fact, probably few people will. What I would love to do is share some other ways to cull a collection, so if you have ever culled your collection before, comment below or on the post in our BGG guild and let me know. Next time I will discuss some of the other ways you cull.